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Stuff you don't care about

2013-04-06 19:31:56 by Ryanson

I went to a con. It was fun. Got some cool swag. Actual swag, not Bieber swag.

I have a girlfriend. She is pretty great and also pretty.

I been doing stuff. Writing and got an audio play I'm directing and I got guitar and mic back so I can record again.

I still need a job.


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2013-04-07 06:59:54

No notice on the 11,111 posts? Congrats!


2013-05-09 17:29:47

Ugh you still use the word ''swag''? That is soooo 2013.
Nowadays we say rumpadootious, son. Get with the times!
Still, Good luck with the guitar thing. There's nothing more fun than being able to play an instrument.