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Cleverly executed

Although I would personally object to the rating of "E for Everyone," it's definitely something funny that hasn't been seen or done in a while. Everything seems smoothly animated, and the music has definitely got that cheesy action anime vibe. It's true to parodic form, and here's hoping that this isn't just a one-time thing.

Surprise -- INot What We Want, What We Need

Quick write-off:

Mortal Kombat spoofs are usually seen as a thing of Newgrounds past, a reminder of a simpler (and fondly remembered) time. Sprite movies aren't that well-received today, anyway. But with a new Mortal Kombat game being released, and a back-to-basics one at that... that this movie was made is obvious.

And its great. The running jokes and crossovers were well appreciated, and for a sprite movie the animation is phenomenal. Though the jokes may run dry in the future, it doesn't matter. It's a movie for the moment, and God forbid you let this moment pass.

A game-changer in high-quality Flash animation

There's only so much you can do in Flash alone. Not to say that people can't push the envelope a little bit at a time, but even then it's still Flash. There have been some fantastic looking Flash movies and games, but there are always hints of a limit or a restriction. But if people always abided by those limitations... oh, what a boring Newgrounds this would be.

In his animation "T2judgement Day!(serious)" DangerousBob combines rotoscoping, CGI, and Flash, and it looks.... pretty damn spectacular. You will be amazed, and rightly so. Almost everything looks fantastic -- the scenery, the weapons, the people, the EXPLOSIONS. How everything is shot and viewed, how everything is in sync with everything else in spite of the different programs, how stylish it is... it's utterly cool.

Yeah I'm done kissing ass.

Of course, there's not much else to comment on. It's a redux, a tribute, to the Terminator film series, and most of it is a visual treat. There's no real plot, just a scene tied together by its concept. You fans who like to have characters you can care about, or stories you can get into... tough luck.

And aside from that, now matter how nice it is to watch this movie on Newgrounds, it's only a fraction of the full quality version. It has a certain compressed look to it, which granted you may not notice the first time around.

You *must* watch this when you get the chance, you must. It's truly wonderful to look at -- it sets the bar for high quality animation online. Of course, given the chance, you NEED to view it at its highest quality. Trust me, for something of this scale and scope to be made with Flash? It's breathtaking. But don't take my word for it; you be the judge. Go ahead and watch it. Hasta la vista, baby.

DangerousBob responds:

wow great review. thanks a lot.

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Quick write-off: While not the most exhilarating of gameplay, what "no-one has to die." lacks in fun or playability it more than makes up for in story. Story? Pah! But oh, like Steins;Gate and other similar time-travel based works, the choice is yours... but then, there's a twist, and you have to play to make sense of it all. Not the greatest of endings, but with a fascinating intriguing story like this I'm more than happy to have wasted my last half-hour or so. I pray someone takes this premise -- this plotline -- and does more with it in the near future.

Quick write-off: Very challenging game, and probably the best (and most violent) one to teach perseverance. The soundtrack, though repetitive, gets the blood pumping and the taunting robot reminds one of GladoS from Portal. The challenge is upped every time you complete a level, adding lasers and invisible blocks and saw blades and spikes and you WILL die and you WILL get frustrated. But when you finally beat it, you'll feel so damn accomplished that it'll be worth it.

Quick write-off: Fun, inventive, creative, simple, though a tad repetitive (and yet, far too short). The adventures of a hero to save his pet rock are straight out of a kid's story, and I wouldn't mind seeing a book based off this. It went beyond my expectations, and hopefully will remain a high-point for adventure games on Newgrounds for years to come.

Quick note: I found a way to exploit the Giraffe's tongue-copter thing by tapping "W" instead of presing and holding it down.

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I'm diggin' it

While your voice doesn't seem the type to rap, you make it work. The backing track helps the overall mood feel positive, encouraging, empowering. You do good.

Music at it's finest

Music is often used to express the emotions we feel, whatever they may be, and use our words to connect with an audience. Despair and sorrow are no stranger to melody, but such dedication to a friend's memory... Words can't describe how I feel about this song, or what connection I may have with your performance. Just know that you've let us know how you feel, and you would have made her proud with such a beautiful song.

Good to see had time for this and not our collab

So mad at you

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Wow indeed

That's one shitty looking penis.


Is funny cuz it's Ron Weasley.

TeBoosh responds:

Its also funny because Ron is so gay for Harry.

smexual chocolate uwu

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