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I'm diggin' it

While your voice doesn't seem the type to rap, you make it work. The backing track helps the overall mood feel positive, encouraging, empowering. You do good.

Music at it's finest

Music is often used to express the emotions we feel, whatever they may be, and use our words to connect with an audience. Despair and sorrow are no stranger to melody, but such dedication to a friend's memory... Words can't describe how I feel about this song, or what connection I may have with your performance. Just know that you've let us know how you feel, and you would have made her proud with such a beautiful song.

Good to see had time for this and not our collab

So mad at you

Trancey, groovy

There's something about electronic music that some people can't get into, whether it's the sound of it or how it can be made. Well, there's little reason not to enjoy this song. It's got a groove that's just waiting to be placed in a video game, probably one with anime-inspired characters. It's pretty, it's spacey, and it's one of the best things out of the Audio Portal in a while.

Too technical for my liking

I can't deny your skill, your talent, your willingness to give yourself carpal tunnel. Your song has a sort of lo-fi feel to it, but still very in your face. But the entire song is almost all rhythm, and that gets a little annoying when it's repeated and repeated. There were a few times where it seemed to build into something interesting, and the melodies played by the strings and piano were fascinating to listen to. Still, your technical skill not withstanding, this song doesn't reach out to me.

Gravey responds:

Sorry you didn't like it. Can't please everyone.



I have to question. Aren't these instruments from the Mixscape library? Answer me this please.

Whether they are or not, it's still nice.


Is this singing, or this the sound of a deaf hobo trying to communicate?

Club Music for the Depressed

It starts off almost like Hollywood Undead or 3Oh!3 trying to write a ballad. But then (as most of their fans will when they discover better music) this song evolved, into a blast, a dance jam that would go well in say Flo Rida's club-thriving repetoire. While the repetitive lyric does get slightly bothersome with each distortion, the focus here -- and the real driving force -- is the energetic beat: the point where clubs and emos collide, where everyone comes out that much happier.


I heard this song on a game I was fooling around with; the first song in the game I heard besides the title song.

This song is pure pop. You're very talented.

And I read on another review, there's a newer version of the song??

Cayler responds:

Thank you. The newer version is much better. :P It can be found by looking at my collection and finding the one that was submitted in '09 (I think? lol)

This amazes me

Gives the amazing anthem new life. Not as an anthem, but an odd rock-techno song.
Might I ask who sings this?

smexual chocolate uwu

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