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Cleverly executed

Although I would personally object to the rating of "E for Everyone," it's definitely something funny that hasn't been seen or done in a while. Everything seems smoothly animated, and the music has definitely got that cheesy action anime vibe. It's true to parodic form, and here's hoping that this isn't just a one-time thing.

Surprise -- INot What We Want, What We Need

Quick write-off:

Mortal Kombat spoofs are usually seen as a thing of Newgrounds past, a reminder of a simpler (and fondly remembered) time. Sprite movies aren't that well-received today, anyway. But with a new Mortal Kombat game being released, and a back-to-basics one at that... that this movie was made is obvious.

And its great. The running jokes and crossovers were well appreciated, and for a sprite movie the animation is phenomenal. Though the jokes may run dry in the future, it doesn't matter. It's a movie for the moment, and God forbid you let this moment pass.

A game-changer in high-quality Flash animation

There's only so much you can do in Flash alone. Not to say that people can't push the envelope a little bit at a time, but even then it's still Flash. There have been some fantastic looking Flash movies and games, but there are always hints of a limit or a restriction. But if people always abided by those limitations... oh, what a boring Newgrounds this would be.

In his animation "T2judgement Day!(serious)" DangerousBob combines rotoscoping, CGI, and Flash, and it looks.... pretty damn spectacular. You will be amazed, and rightly so. Almost everything looks fantastic -- the scenery, the weapons, the people, the EXPLOSIONS. How everything is shot and viewed, how everything is in sync with everything else in spite of the different programs, how stylish it is... it's utterly cool.

Yeah I'm done kissing ass.

Of course, there's not much else to comment on. It's a redux, a tribute, to the Terminator film series, and most of it is a visual treat. There's no real plot, just a scene tied together by its concept. You fans who like to have characters you can care about, or stories you can get into... tough luck.

And aside from that, now matter how nice it is to watch this movie on Newgrounds, it's only a fraction of the full quality version. It has a certain compressed look to it, which granted you may not notice the first time around.

You *must* watch this when you get the chance, you must. It's truly wonderful to look at -- it sets the bar for high quality animation online. Of course, given the chance, you NEED to view it at its highest quality. Trust me, for something of this scale and scope to be made with Flash? It's breathtaking. But don't take my word for it; you be the judge. Go ahead and watch it. Hasta la vista, baby.

DangerousBob responds:

wow great review. thanks a lot.

Stunning animation test goes over the top

Quick write-off:

Is posting an animation test (as opposed to a full animated short) a bad thing? Depends on if it's done the wrong way. And with absolute absurdity and smooth animation -- plus a voice clip from Ren and Stimpy, go figure -- this is most certainly *not* bad. It's extreme. It's over-the-top. And it's just so much joy to watch, as long as its short length doesn't bother you.

Cute, but not great

Quick write-off:

Perhaps it's not as well-animated or clever as one would have hoped, but this behind-the-scenes look at an American-styled anime show is worth a gander nonetheless. It's certainly smart with its style and plays its jokes well, but it's not laugh-out-loud funny. It's doesn't really stand out among Newgrounds' finest. But hell if you don't want to see more stupidity in the future.

Fascinating, but not entertaining

Sonic the Hedgehog was (his present-day status is up for debate) a video game ICON, up to par with the likes of Nintendo's main-man Mario. Obviously, some people have fond memories of the faster-than-sound mammal, and parodies are rampant over here on the 'Grounds (pardon my lack of witty slang). The amount of quality Sonic material may have gone down, but the love for him has only grown.

Thus, this movie was born. I guess. I don't know. "Sonic Gut Feeling," as it's called, is something fascinating, if not completely entertaing. I feel compelled to watch it. I'm not even entirely sure if I liked it or if I didn't -- the plot, or whatever you it should be properly called, involves Sonic ramming into a spike. And it goes through his gut, makes a mess of his stomach. Sonic wants Tails to get him off the spike, and... yeah, that's generally the story.

It has to be said that the animation is very inconsistent with itself. There are times it looks great, like it's drawn by official artists, and then in within a few seconds their movements or parts of their bodies look deformed or sloppy, drawn hurriedly. I wouldn't mind if you perhaps took a little longer to polish it. That it's a little hazy is no fault of your own though. I understand -- compression sucks.

The sub-par voice acting aside, the animated humor isn't for everyone. Sure, a little gross is okay, this is more than a little it needs to be. Or maybe it's not -- various shows and time-blocks (MTV's Sic'emation, anyone?) proved there was an audience for "outrageous" cartoon humor. And it's not always just for shock laughs -- I genually laughed at the very end, although that particular punchline wasn't gross.

This is up in the air for me. It's not a terrible movie; how can it be when it fascinates me so, when it draws me in, when I want to watch it again when I finish it? But then it's not that great to be honest. It's not really entertaining, and I can't say I'd honestly recommend this to anyone. It's decent, but clearly rushed so it's only half-way there. Maybe we should learn from Sonic and try not to go so fast next time?

kalabor106 responds:

My voice acting was really that bad? Well there could of been a few parts I could of redone, I guess. Yeah my art style isn't up to par yet. Sort of get sloppy when I start to try and hurry a shot. I need to learn to take my time. But its okay right?

To quote, "It's just ANNOYING."

Day after day, week after week, there are people who complain about Newgrounds and their daily firsts. There's a lack off substantial quality, they say. Style over substance, they say. What's popular can't be good at all, right? Pish-posh, I say! Everything by anyone nowadays can benjust as great (if not greater) as the problems of the future, yesterday. However, for the first time... I feel I must agree with the complains. What gives? This animated short is loud, obnoxious, and just plain unfunny. It's also the Daily 1st. Surely the others can't be wrong, can they? In my eyes, they are.

This movie -- entitled "Goosefoot" -- is about the "wild, purple-footed gooseboy" and its first time being captured on film. It's treated as if it were from an animal show a la the Crocodile Hunter, with the gentleman behind the scenes so excited to capture such a rare specimen on camera! It's said that his friend made a weird noise and they decided to make a story out of it. Trust me, it shows. Just a little.

The animation is, to put it nicely, simple. It's just a drawing, an animation, over a backdrop (Illwillpress would be proud). And while this might be excusable for a newcomer, DarqV has been involved in 7 videos since 2008, with 4 of them winning awards. What's the deal? If one judges just the gooseboy, it's very nice looking and simple. Smoothly moving from frame to frame. But given the content it's working with, with the backdrop it's against... it's just not enough.

It's loud. The humor is implied to be dry. Ironic. *Funny.* As the gooseboy screeches and yelps its OBVIOUSLY horrible cry, the voice says by-the-book lines like, "It's so beautiful!" Ah ha ha, irony! Implied cleverness! Ah ha ha! It's just not funny, though. Really! It's instead rather... loud. Rather unengaging. It's rather bothersome. It's just ANNOYING.

I'm not sure what I'm mad at this movie about. I know I've laughed at similar movies. So what makes me so angry towards this particular one? I started off by mentioning shock at its success, but I don't think the success is the problem. It's the effect, not the cause, and as standard and unimaginative as it is, it *did* capture enough people's attention to be thought so highly of. Whatever my reason is, my apologies to you -- your success if well-deserved, I'm sure.

DarqV responds:

"Dot Dot Dot," anyone?

http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /558516

Game Over. Play Again?

This is the internet, so obviously there are countless, endless (pointless?) video game-based parodies and series. There are more than a fair few with a good amount of effort and creativity behind them. Then there's utter trash, cheaply made for a cheap laugh. And to be honest, this episode of Press Start Adventures seems like it crosses the line between the two.

I meant that, of course, knowing full well about the past entries. Previous episodes were made with such care, such attention to the world you've made, that if it weren't bound by the limitations of Flash animation you could get caught up in it. But there's something about this episode that doesn't draw in the viewer as much as it should -- it's just filler. Not good when something important story-wise happens.

The animation isn't top notch -- sloppy at times, samey and bland as every other episode. The artwork in and of itself isn't not extremely detailed, nor is it very high quality. These characters try so hard to emulate other well-known charaters -- you either love them for this or you hate them. The voice-work is okay, nothing stands out really, and the animation is too rushed to appreciate the character's actions nor does it try anything new.

The story involves a set-up by the villain, and ends with the ninja being kicked from the heroes' team. But apparently that's not important -- it seems tacked on, like the episode would rather focus on some particularly unfunny jokes. Okay, so that may just be me -- some of it *seemed* clever, but all the self-acknowledging humor (HEY! WE'RE BASED ON VIDEO GAMES, SEE?) has been done before, and much better than this.

There are better episodes than "Golden Axed" in this Press Start canon, and it wouldn't be a stretch to say that this may be the worst episode in the series. Maybe if more energy was invested in trying to do something out of the ordinary -- or maybe if something more interesting were happening -- this would be a better episode. I'd rather save up my tokens for something else.

P.S. The trailer, for the straight-to-DVD film at the end, while more entertaining than the episode, reminded me of the first Resident Evil's cut-scenes. Whether this is good or bad is completely up to you.

Entertaining, but lacks the original's magic

Quick write-off:

The original Spider-Ninja -- a feudal fantasy taking the well-known webslinger and some of his villains gallery and reimagining them in ancient Japan -- was a slick, fast-paced Flash video that deserved the attention it received. And while ninjas are always cool, they and their stories can quickly run out of steam.

While one can't necessarily complain about the imagination and animation, there's something lacking -- it felt a little slower, and the magic wasn't quite there. It's a fun ride to sit through (especially the Sandman bit), and there's always hope in the inevitable sequel. But the signs are definitely there -- sequelitis struck.

Adorable, but nothing new

Quick write-off:

It's a sad sad time when Newgrounds has to resort to tricks of old to get a laugh. Parodies aren't new, and neither is the joke. Just the context, and even that's

Smooth animation, pleasant art, and fitting music aside, it's not terrible. It's not great, not memorable, but that one laugh is probably worth it. Maybe.

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