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Ryanson's News

Posted by Ryanson - January 20th, 2011

First, songs coming. My first 3 are written, first is recorded. Yaay.

Finishing bios for game. Man, you guys suck at this :)


Posted by Ryanson - January 10th, 2011

I got hacked.

I changed my password though. Shouldn't happen again.

EDIT: It fucking happened again SO MAD.

Posted by Ryanson - January 5th, 2011

First I have a wonder plethora of songs for you to enjoy. Too fucking bad they aren't on Youtube. >:(

Second I think I'mma change my name. I just need people to say "FUCKING DO IT."

Third. Bios. STILL GONNA DO THEM. Just... uh. Gotta think of original things to write. You fuckers don't know the people who you should know. Ugh.

Fourth. Imma do a music blog soon. Updates soon.

Fifth. Should I follow the trend and make one of those "THESE ARE PEOPLE I LIKE" posts?

Sixth. Glass in my foot, omg does it hurt.

Posted by Ryanson - December 26th, 2010

"Throwing a surprise party for Jesus today. Been hiding behind this couch for hours." ~ Sarah Silverman, via Twitter. Much LOL.

So Christmas came and gone. I'm shocked I wasn't exhausted. Not even close! Just... cramped from riding 12 hours worth in a tiny car, unable to stretch out or anything, in just 2 days. The kids sharing the back seat made the final 3 hours particularly painful. I still have to get my best friend her gift.

Anyway, all that I got:

Gift cards (Incluing $65 in iTunes, $15 of which I spent)
An optical illusion book
A new wallet
Some random car stuff
Observe & Report (it was okay, I'd rather watch Kick-Ass though)

That last one is cool. That's $400, and I would have had to pay until April or May to finish it. Now I can focus (hahaha, me? Focus?) on getting it tuned up so I can visit Memphis more often. You know, with my friends. Whom I love.


I do wish I could get a new laptop. Or a new iPod. One's broken, the other's full. But one thing at a time, man.

Okay, so another reason I'm making this news post is to share news. Derp.

I recorded 2 songs in a day. They both suck. I need a metronome. Oh well. Here's 1 and here's 2.

I've decided for the game that I'mma have but one more set of characters (Oolaph convinced me -- the irony? He's not in the game now. Whatta bitch!). "Classics." Expect your lists soon.

I'mma write some stuff, and record some stuff, and do some stuff. I dunno which will be first.

Ooh, actually -- I hope to collaborate with a cool guy for a remix of his remix. Expect news soon!

And... well, I hope to finish this Green Day review. Or these lyrics. Or do something about Death Cab like I promised myself. FFFF.

I don't even know why you're still reading. I'm just going to post the songs I bought with my iTunes cards, since I have a wish-list of songs I had to get down.

1. Queen -- "Bohemian Rhapsody" (if this hadn't been first, I'd never get respect again)
2. Harper Blynn -- "Loneliest Generation"
3. Nellie McKay -- "Cupcake"
4. For This Cycle -- "For What It's Worth"
5. Kidz Bop Kids -- "Here Comes the Sun" (don't even)
6. Gym Class Heroes -- "Peace Sign / Index Down (feat. Busta Rhymes)"
7. Vita Chambers -- "Like Boom"
8. Madonna -- "Music"
9. The Beatles -- "Birthday" (I KNOW, JUST DON'T EVEN)
10. Group 1 Crew -- "Breakdown"
11. The Wet Spots -- "Do You Take It?"
12. Ahmir -- "Mine"
13. Meaghan Smith -- "Take Me Dancing"

All of those songs I recommend to even the most *insert witty, derogative insult here*. Good to add variety.


Posted by Ryanson - December 20th, 2010

Alright, so FINALLY that interview with that one guy is up. It sucks. Check it.

I'm working on a song (guess what!? It's a cover). Cross your fingers I release it.

And now, here's some more bios for the game. Suck my c-- I mean, enjoy. :)

One of the most intelligent people in the entire Grounds, if not a bit unbalanced, even today the mere mention of Scarab's name sends shivers down spines. Gagsy's only equal, he's the man you don't want to get into an argument with lest you have a thing for exploding heads (psst, it's yours). Truth is, though, he doesn't care for the beetles and bugs of this endlessly annoying world -- he was nowhere to be found until long after the invasion. The idea of a whole new world made in his image... it is always possible that Scarab planned the entire thing out, isn't it?

A ginger if ever there was one, Ryan has always struggled to belong in the ninja world. True, he has successfully assassinated two-hundred and nine of his targets (they were all noobs. Just saying)... but his bright orange hair makes stealth missions absolutely impossible! That is, except for in his new home Newgrounds, where orange and grey are the colors of the land. Shortly after arrival, though, his new home was destroyed by the onslaught of noobs. The honor of his land -- and himself -- is now in his hands as he prepares for the upcoming brawl.

Tarah spends her weeks sexing it up on camera, and her weekends in eating competitions. It all works out though, since she works all that weight off at her day job. She's for the most part a friendly girl, though her hair gives off a hint of her feministic ferocity. It's too bad there are few outside her fanclub that respect her (it might have been that sex-tape with GiantDouche, to be honest). So when she hears of this upcoming battle, Tarah doesn't see herself as ruler of the Portal -- she sees the possibility of gaining the respect of her peers. Oh, and also implants. Yeah!

Not the most welcomed of guests in one's house, the Racist Bassist probably has the most self-descriptive nickname. Somewhat ironically, he has a sweet tooth for food that negative racial stereotypes love most. His thoughts on racism are suddenly put in a new light when he brings out his almighty Michael Cera-signed bass and plays the hell out of it! Besides being a horrible person and a fantastic guitar player, he also likes to argue -- and when he can, he also likes to kick ass. Perhaps this is why many people fear the day he becomes king -- it's an actual possibility.

Jack was once a normal guy -- funny, loving, married. But after he and his late wife Jill had their horrible accident, it was decided by the cyborg Commander Mindchamber that Jack would be the first ever human-bomb hybrid. Jack, upon waking up, found that he had explosive new powers -- at the price of his humanity. Jack took it well; he soon had more money and women than he knew what to do with. The only thing missing was power -- the power of the Portal. And luckily, there is now an excuse for trying to obtain that power -- the tournament.

Cootie (former codename: Yamor) is a pretty normal 16 year old kid. You know, with freakin' SUPERPOWERS. However, despite his ability to fight like someone out of Dragon Ball, he still looks exactly like Justin Bieber. Thus, even if he CAN blow someone up, he won't get a lick of respect in the Newgrounds community (or even his home in the Southern United States). But that's okay -- respect doesn't matter to him. The only thing that matters to him is his reason to fight: the idea of finding someone strong. That, or he's retarded. I don't know, he's Southern.

FBI Polux
Actually a criminal as opposed to being involved in the FBI, Polux is still quite a man in charge. Condescending, arrogant, an elitist ass and a bit full of himself... but with a legitimate reason: he's French. He manages to defeat his rivals in a spectacular way, destroying their pride and leaving them feeling embarrassed. If ever he were to be defeated, he would be shamed and vengeful -- but luckily, that didn't happen (yet). As for Newgrounds, he's set some very interesting goals on his to-do list, all of which he intends to carry out.

One of the last remaining Nazis left, this young man was given his name due to his interest in grammar -- mainly, on the proper use of it. Smart and knowledgeable, Grammar-Nazi storms the streets of the BBS with a fleet of correctly used semi-colons and apostrophes. People shiver with fear when they see how nasty he can be. Sadly, his pride is his downfall -- when the undefeatible Wadolf fell, Grammar-Nazi was horror-struck. How could his hero have given everything up? Why would he willingly give up power for a new generation? He chooses to fight, if only to understand.

Who is this mysteruous being? The king of assholes? An insecure dickhead? A murderous psychopath? Many rumors surround this being bathed in shadows, including the origin of his codename (is he really an epic fail, or is it an ironic statement?). Truth be told, the only bit of him known by the general public is his hatred of Twilight -- something many people can sympathize with. Despite this lone exception, it is impossible to understand his motivation for his actions. Everything he does... it always leads to the same question: why?

A jolly, Scottish baker with a gift -- an obsession -- for making cookies. If he were gay, it wouldn't be too much of a surprise. For the most part he's a great guy, super mellow and sticking up for what's right. But there's a hint of bitterness hidden in his heart; in the race for a spot on the Mod Squad, he lost to the dragon Bahamut. Despite this he's pretty chill and has great pride in his land, the destruction of which he blames on Bahamut, who has survived the attack. WHFC has chosen to enter the tournament not for the crown, but to (in his mind) settle the score.

Posted by Ryanson - December 15th, 2010

Fishing in my parents' CD holder for some long lost treasure, I wind up finding the next best thing: my mom's copy of No Doubt's Tragic Kingdom. I don't remember ever listening to this wonderful album, but its singles were out of this world -- classics in their own rights. Gwen Stefani knew how to rock back then, and presumably she still knows how to rock now.

Suddenly, out of nowhere... I remember. Oh goodness, how could I have forgotten? I go back into my CD case and turn page after page, desperately trying to find what I'm looking for. Is it here? Is it there? Where in the world can it be? Finally, with immaculate joy I pull it out of its pocket and hold it up. I've found it. Truly, it is something to behold. Gwen Stefani's first solo CD, Love. Angel. Music. Baby.

I then wonder to myself -- why does hardly anyone remember this CD or talk about it anymore? It was huge at the time, and listening to pop stars like Lady Gaga or Lily Allen or even Miley Cyrus, it's pretty fair to say this CD (if not just Gwen herself) is somewhat influential on pop music today

Then again, as popular as it was... there were just as many people who wondered "Gwen, what have you DONE?"` They wondered where their rock-princess went, and who replaced her with this lame-o rapper singer thing. Bleh.

Gwen was already experienced in the music biz (the previously mentioned No Doubt), but hardly any of that shows on this mostly club-oriented set-list. But thinking back, it was a smart move for Gwen to move on. To the average person, who was No Doubt? It was Gwen Stefani... and her backing band. After the new millennium, when she wasn't showing up on Eve's single "Let Me Blow Your Mind," then the band was trading in their pop-rock style for dance music (their Rock Steady which benefited, at least commercially, from her new glamorous makeover). In 2004... this album? It's not something she could have made with the band.

But the shift in style was natural for her, if not for her fans. The immediate stand-out track is opener "What You Waitin' For?" where amid doubts (and dance beats), Gwen explains to others her reasons for making this record and simultaneously challenges herself to keep on keeping on.
Her charm and style show brilliantly on songs like this, and there are plenty to go around, such as the almost-high-school-anthem "Cool" which around the half-way mark keeps the party going smoothly, 80s style.

Actually, a lot of this album is influenced by 80s music. You could be forgiven for mistaking it for an updated Madonna record -- all the talk about fame, money, glamor, and sex is there, particularly in "Rich Girl" (featuring Eve, finally returning the favor) and "Bubble Pop Electric" (featuring Andre 3000 as Johnny Vulture).

Speaking of, one of the weakest moments on the album involves good ole' Andre. "Long Way to Go" isn't a bad song -- even rejected songs from Speakerboxx/The Love Below are flippin' fantastic. It's just that this song is such a mood-kill, trying to end the CD on a serious note, even going so far as to incorporate a segment of Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech in it. It doesn't help that it came after another stand-out track, "Danger Zone," which is the closest thing to No Doubt that Gwen's ever done by herself.

Gwen's fascination with the 80s is only countered by her fascination with the harajuku culture of Japan, which is a underlying theme throughout the first half of the album, culminating in the odd song "Harajuku Girls." It's such a strange lyrical theme to have for the album, almost homoerotic in the song itself, but luckily once it goes it's gone for good.

Just like any great pop album, this one has a mega-hit, the ever-popular "Hollaback Girl." I can't help but be reminded of Justin Timberlake, who pulled off a similar solo feat not two years before Gwen. His mega-hit was "Cry Me a River," which had the same bitterness Gwen spat on hers. Difference is, Gwen sounds like she's having fun as she dreams of being head cheerleader on top of the pyramid that is the world.

And on top of the world she was -- no alterna-fans or mainstream rebellions could stop her meteoric rise. Unfortunately it all went downhill from there. Long awaited follow-up The Sweet Escape turned out to be a rather forced-sounding L.A.M.B. 2.0 (did anyone actually want to hear Gwen Stefani YODEL?), then after a tour and a few singles she practically vanished... back into her leading role in No Doubt. Yay!

But no one should forget that 2004 was a great year for music in every genre. Okay, so there weren't any real classics (American Idiot? College Dropout? Pfft), and even the greatest of albums had pit-falls... but there was still great music to be heard! And this would be the center jewel of pop music for at least another year. Sure sometimes it's inconsistent and even strange. Sure it's shallow and contrived. Sure, it's mainstream fluff...

...but that's the point, now excuse me I'm about to listen to it again.

Love. Angel. Music. Baby.

Posted by Ryanson - December 14th, 2010

Here we are, the first bios for the BBS Brawl game coming soon

Written by me. After taking notes from some of you (faggots), of course.

Coming soon are pictures and fight songs for them.

A slightly awkward individual, there's more to him than meets the eye -- he is one of HayBayBee's newest recruits for the White Knights, and as such is always there to save the day. One could say he is the antithesis to Ptero -- both are intelligent and strong, but come from opposite ends of the spectrum and have clashed more than once. With the land turned to rubble, Chris begins his quest to guide HayBayBee to the throne of Newgrounds as he promised. But is there an ulterior motive for this gentleman? Is this perhaps a ruse, a trick so that he may gain power as Newgrounds' top dog?

Hatched from a strange egg, this half-human half-pterodactyl was found off the coast of the Audio Portal by a baaad crowd who accepted Ptero as-is, raising him as a brother. Mocking and pwning those lesser than him with his superior dino-knowledge, Ptero was satisfied with life. But he soon guessed that there were bigger things going on in the world, so he finally chose to pwn his bros just as the world around him crumbled to dust. Now one of the few left on Newgrounds, he takes delight in knowing that he could well be king of the Portal... if some stupid people don't get in his way.

This kid, hated by many, came straight out of the Twilight Zone, which is why no one seems to question how he got here or why he sparkles in broad daylight. One day while roaming the class-rooms, a man named Poozy discovered Twilight as a young offender who managed to escape the mods. Naturally, Poozy brought him up like his own son... til he got bored and kicked him out. But Twilight's a loner; he likes he that way. Which is why he's pretty pissed off -- there's still too many people. Lucky him though, he's allowed to kill them now... perfect.

Like the heroes of his favorite stories, this man is in fact a Jedi Knight, lightsaber and all. Although powerful and wise, he IS a tad on the strange side -- clothed in high pants and a table cloth slung over his shoulder, his face cloaked with shadow. He often spends his free time asking Twilight for advice on how to deal with such terrible clothing, often with no reponse. With the entireity of Newgrounds gone, the land needs a new king. A teacher, one who can protect its people from ever experiencing this disaster again. Who better than one of the noble, the few -- the Jedi?

You may be thinking, who in the world is this wolf surrounded in flames? Is he perhaps the unsung hero of this epic tale? A victim of its harsh lands and dasterdly villains? Or maybe just a moron with an unwarranted sense of self-importance? Truth be told he might be all three. as this guy isn't as defenseless as some people claim him to be -- not when he's sucking up to the Mod Squad every moment he can. But with almost no mods left after the disaster, he'll have to learn to fend for himself -- especially from the likes of Ptero, who long ago fell into a bad crowd. But he's up to it.

Whether you love or hate her, one cannot deny the power of Gagsy's thoughts. She COULD pwn the living crap out of you... but she'd rather destroy you with the integrity of her words, the strength of her mind. And what a mighty weapon it is -- guess why so many men are after her hand, or why many others believe her to be a man. When Newgrounds was invaded, Gagsy chose to fight back, pwning noob after noob. When the invasion ceased, she was disturbed to find the land she loved, gone. With a resolution to fix what she hath broke, she fights on to become Queen of the Portal!

The mighty purple dragon. Long ago this creature came to Newgrounds, keen on helping those in need. His efforts over the years were finally seen by the higher-ups, and he was finally given the power he deserved... but hey! At least he's not cocky about it. Before long, the land had fallen into chaos, and there was nothing he could do to save it. Nonetheless, he swore an oath -- to protect the land and all who inhabit it, to keep it safe by any means necessary. And though he knows he may be corrupted by its power, he promises to win the crown of the Portal and return it to order.

The most beloved stereotype Newgrounds has to offer (besides Luis). MuyBurrito is most famous for... being just himself, man. He's been here forever and enjoys long walks way too much, travelling back and forth to and from Newgrounds. He'll be gone forever, but then suddenly come back home in time to spread the joy and have some fun. Last time he left us, though, everything started to change. And when he came back, he didn't like it, not one bit. Wanting to keep the good times going, he decides to do what everyone else is doing -- fight.

A superstar of FABULOUS proportions and always wearing a smile, HayBayBee is the mistress of fame. Or is she? She flashes her "elegant" style, her "undeniable" class so often that many began to question the truth of her words. And sure enough, some meanie-head found some innapropriate (whored-up) photos of her on the Internet, crushing her fame to dust. But that doesn't stop her -- nor does it stop her White Knights, always determined to protect her. No wonder she had no clue that Newgrounds was invaded -- they do their job well! But she's ready to fight, either way.

Posted by Ryanson - December 12th, 2010

Should this make me sad or glad.

/* */

Posted by Ryanson - December 8th, 2010

As the first snow falls, as Christmas nears, as the air chills and spirits raise and dampen... we all find something.

It could be that first kiss under the mistletoe. It could be a new puppy, the one you wanted all along. Maybe it's two tickets to that thing you love. Maybe it's something you'll throw away at first chance. Nonetheless, the time comes once a year when there is something out there for us, and whether we search for it or not it has its way of getting to us.

Myself? I experience life too, and I'm sure I'll experience more. Work? School? The ever elusive STUFF *gasp*? But the thing I love most of all (besides a few good people) is music. Duh.

And so I find myself choosing a handful of songs to play on repeat as the season works its way, day by day, to the next. Fun. No seriously, it kind of is.

So what utter crap (I know full well what I say) will I be playing this time? More importantly, what will I name this CD? Well... part of that up to you. You ready?

Too bad.

EDIT: I named it "Never Be."

1) Barenaked Ladies -- "You Run Away"

Is it a depressing lament to a runaway friend, or the stalker anthem of 2010? Formerly known as the group that sang the goofy hit "One Week," the group pulls themselves together to open their album with a hint of sadness and a touch of much-needed maturity.

2) Amy Winehouse -- "You Know I'm No Good"

Remember her? Neither do I, which is obviously why it's included here. In this brutally honest song (like all of hers), dear old Amy confesses to a number of vices alongside an old Motown beat. And "Rehab" was the more successful song, because...?

3) City and Colour -- "Sleeping Sickness"

Armed with his lone guitar and accompanied by guest Gordon Downie, Dallas Green teaches others how to move the crowd with energy and passion. It may not warm on most winter days, but here's hoping it inspires hope.

4) Justice -- "Genesis"

Who knew French music could make it big in America? Their icy synths and unrecognizable samples brought the attention of ravers looking for the next Prodigy -- as well as television viewers wanting some good music in their commercials.

5) Marina & the Diamonds -- "I Am Not a Robot"

With the vocal presence reminiscent of *insert female singer from last decade here*, Marina leads her Diamonds onward as they shimmer and shake through self-awareness to prove, once and for all, that she is not a robot. Well Marina... we can cross you off the list.

6) Michael Jackson -- "Butterflies"

On the final album release, Michael still showed he was at the top of his game even among career-ruining scandals. Recalling Stevie Wonder's voice, Jackson smoothly delivers a song about puppy love that could have been -- should have been -- his last great hit.

7) Lily Allen -- "The Fear"

The smartest, catchiest parody of American pop divas ever. Lily Allen, fun and over-the-top as always, sings over a cool production how she wants to be famous by any means necessary. That you believe her is all a part of the song's greatness.

8) Christina Perri -- "Jar of Hearts"

You'd never guess that when this song first broke, the singer was getting off a grueling shift at her cafe. Needless to say, it gave her -- and many listeners from there on out -- hope. A piano ballad that gives hope and strength upon listening? What is this, a female Coldplay?

9) The Cure -- "Just Like Heaven"

Goth (or is it faux-goth?) broke big on the radio in the 80s when the Cure came around. Pretty, slick, and dark all at once, they showed those big ole' mean jock bands that you could wear all black AND still have feelings.

10) Justin Bieber -- "U Smile"

Teen pop sensation sways and croons this blue-eyed soul smash that should (but doesn't) please most adult listeners as much as it does the tweens. While his voice strains from emotion -- and puberty -- he calmly tells his wide-eyed gal pal that when she smiles... he smiles.

11) Caleb Harvey -- "Never the Same"

Pure pop, a la Coldplay. This unknown Newgrounder takes to his high school journal, vents his emotions onto his piano. Magic for all who hears it.

12) Radiohead -- "Exit Music (For a Film)"

They are arguably the most critically acclaimed alternative music bands of modern times, and with a little inspiration from Romeo & Juliet (and used in the DiCaprio version), they choose to channel their talent into the best little bit of exit music for any film ever captured on audio.

13) The Pretty Reckless -- "Make Me Wanna Die"

Used in the movie Kick Ass (and arguably perfect for Twilight), Gossip Girl actress Taylor Momsen channels her acidic anger into a riff-raging song that quite frankly is perfect for anyone wanting a loud, new rock band with some serious swaggger and pop-smarts.

14) Feist -- "I Feel It All"

Subtle and tight (take that as you will), the girl who satisfied iPod owners everywhere with her commercial still had other fantastic songs on her breakthrough album with this piano and guitar ditty. Highly dancable, yet still human -- and pretty, too.

15) Little & Ashley -- "Fly Me Away"

A fragile voice from behind the piano begs for you to fly away with her that only gets better with time. The song that was in every commercial that seriously wanted you to buy their product, if only because they knew good music helps.

16) Miley Cyrus -- "When I Look At You"

Fresh off of her biggest hit ever, Ms. Montana followed it up with some serious balladry -- and thus the theme song to her first big starring role outside of Disney was made. Here's hoping, after her "mature" turn as of late, that she realizes what's best for her and comes back.

17) Robert Pattinson -- "Never Think"

Is Edward Cullen ready for the music biz? If only it were that simple. In the meantime, let us make due with this -- a song that could have easily been by Bright Eyes or Iron & Wine. A damaged croak, a slowly plucked guitar... a song that many will be surprised to find that they enjoy.

18) Snow Patrol -- "Just Say Yes"

When a Coldplay contemporary switches its style from emotional balladry to 80s electronica, there is usually much to be angry about. But the emotion is still there. The heart is still there. Snow Patrol is still Snow Patrol, and they're just as cool as ever.

19) OneRepublic -- "Secrets"

The most overused song in all of 2010. Is it too late to apologize? Yes, but it doesn't hurt to try. Driven by strings and Ryan Tedder's always thoughtful delivery, this is a song that keeps on giving. And that is no secret.

20) Angels & Airwaves -- "The Adventure"

Does listening to this make you think blink-182 meets U2? That was the point. He breathes each breath with great gusto and sings as if each note could be his last -- maturity is the great new trend in rock. Ending the CD with this song was obvious. %uFEFF

Posted by Ryanson - December 3rd, 2010

TL;DR? I'm a total faggot who basically has some spare time and a huge imagination. That's the gist of it.

In case you were wondering (psst, you weren't), I've been going to some of our most well-known users on the BBS (some of them respected, others... not so much). I am planning a game, a fighting game. Made about the BBS. Mmm, tasty.

Now I have to admit, because how huge this project is even just on paper, there is a possibility it will be nothing more than that. An idea.

But how fun this idea is/was.

...Also, yeah my last news posts lied. No music discussions today. Fuck off.

Back on topic. Uh, I've asked a butt-load of people to possibly contribute ideas for their characters in this game.

Also, fucking fuckers. Changing your usernames. I hate you.

But I've got responses, I've got some I haven't asked, some who aren't interested but because I'm a douche I'mma put them in anyway. I think it's about time to let you know about the game (which lacks a logo -- HURRY SOMEONE, DO SOMETHING).

The (vague) plot: It has finally happened. The Portal is no more. Tom Fulp, the creator and King of Newgrounds, chose to make this world better for tourists, a desperate attempt to stabilize its economy. No longer were we to be the problems of the future, today! No. We would be everything, by everyone!

That was a bad idea.

It started small -- a troll or two, maybe a noob ignorant to the rules, easily wiped away from existence. But they multiplied quickly, and one day they all just snapped. The mighty Tom Fulp (and his dastardly beard) was no more. The Mod Squad, greatest in all the land, were for the most part dispatched, broken like toothpicks. Even Wade Fulp, mocked as Wadolf by those who felt strongly against him, was crippled by the influx.

But just as suddenly as they came, they too were gone. Was it perhaps the trolls' desire, an insatiable lust for trolling, that lead to their self-destruction? Did they perhaps leave to feed on other lands? Was it somehow Wade's doing, his final strike the one to end both sides? No matter the reason, they were gone, and only a handful of survivors were left.

The once mighty Wade looked down upon the land, nothing left but rubble and ruin. He himself had little to live for, his family gone and his own body weary and broken. But his love for this formerly great land was too much. He had to do something. It needed... a new king.

An idea suddenly struck him. Newgrounds would have itself a new king. He called out to those last few, that handful of warriors. All would fight. Most would die. But whoever were to live would be granted the power to rebuild Newgrounds in his or her own image.

Eternal glory and ultimate power... let the brawl begin.

See? Gay, right?

Just kidding. You're excited now. Tee hee <3 So here's the character list. Who do you think should be added to it? Removed? Come on, let's do this.

Characters (SO FAR)
Blaze Heatnix