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Ryanson's News

Posted by Ryanson - November 28th, 2010


Also, I interviewed matt-likes-swords. When I get off my ass I'll put it up.

I been writing some songs (you know the songs I "write").

And listening to Death Cab for Cutie. I think they'll be the subject of a news post... or a video. Soon.

But you know what? The main focus is the link.

^^ Lmao.

Posted by Ryanson - November 5th, 2010

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Also, three things.

I want to make another song. Should I?

I want to interview matt-likes-swords. Should I?

I wanna make a video about 2004 albums. Should I?

Posted by Ryanson - October 31st, 2010

I made a video.
Here's the playlist for those who didn't want to wait 10 minutes.

Boris Pickett -- "Monster Mash"
Warren Zevon -- "Werewolves of London"
John Carpenter -- Halloween Theme
Siouxsie & the Banshees -- "Halloween"
The Diamonds -- "Batman, Wolfman, Frankenstein and Dracula"
Screamin' Jay Hawkins -- "Alligator Wine"
Blue Oyster Cult -- "(Don't Fear) the Reaper"
Creedence Clearwater Revival -- "Bad Moon Rising"
Marilyn Manson -- "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)"
Rob Zombie -- "Living Dead Girl"
Jonathan Richman -- "Vampire Girl"
Sha Na Na -- "Witch Doctor"
Oingo Boingo -- "Dead Man's Party"
Siouxsie & the Banshees -- "Spellbound"
The Who -- "Boris the Spider"
Santana -- "Black Magic Woman"
Michael Jackson -- "Thriller"

Your thoughts?

Also, I'm dressed as a pirate. Yummy. Want pics?

Posted by Ryanson - October 26th, 2010

So I asked a bunch of people what music they thought of when they think of me.

And this is a list of all that shit. Some I thought about, and am intrigued by. Others I lol'd at.


List of all that shit
Guns N' Roses -- "Sweet Child O'Mine" (a song I did at a talent show)
Travie McCoy
Black Eyed Peas
Random techno
The Fall of Troy -- "F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X."
Dave Matthews
Rihanna -- "Umbrella" (my signature song)
Happy hardcore emo
Indie rock
Franz Ferdinand
Rock n' roll
S'pose -- "I'm Awesome" (just the "I'm awesome" bit, not anything else)
Japanese music
Lily Allen
Boys Like Girls
"The annoying kind"
Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Ben Lee -- "I Love Pop Music"
Barenaked Ladies
Songs to Wear Pants To -- "I Love You More Than Bunnies"
Dir en Gray
Country music
Soft rock

Posted by Ryanson - October 17th, 2010


It's 2010, almost 2011

So like, who's relevant in the "music" industry?

If I wanted to make a mixtape or a soundtrack or something, who MUST I included (music releases from '09 and '10 only)?

Lady Gaga is relevant.

Justin Bieber... bleh?

Uh, Muse?

Anyone ELSE?!?

Posted by Ryanson - October 13th, 2010

Hello whoever the fuck reads this shit. I am so happy.

Firstly, look at my pretty banner. It's so pretty. Chrislovejoy made that shit. He wants me. I can tell. I thank SteelChair for trying their best, though!

Secondly. All sorts of stuff.

Apparently, according to AcetheSuperVillain, Ptero and me and some other guy will star in a video game. I can't wait.

Oh, I did some songs. 2 of them are real high in the pop charts here on the Audio Portal. I'm cheating to keep the 3rd (worst) song alive. (That means I'm winning). Check the best one here.

I also did an interview: Megami33, creator, writer, editor, and star in Sailor Moon Abridged.

I'm also a total faggot. I mean, what? Fucking hackers.

Hey, there's this video you need to watch. Think of this as "Songs Part IV". Warning -- some of you will not consider this music.

/* */
I also did some voices from an acquaintance's webshow. No, you haven't heard of it. No it's not popular. No, it's not good -- I'm in it, why would you ask that? Lol. It's still fun though. If you want to watch, PM me.

Oh, and apparently I was cast as like 5 characters in Acelister's "Transformers Abridged" movie, based on the 1986 animated one. Can't wait until we get started.

I also burned my arm. Damn you KFC I hate you go die.

Last. I haven't made a list in a LONG TIME. We're overdue. So, I present to the faithful -- eighteen classics.

Albums for Guys Night Out
AC/DC -- Highway to Hell
Aerosmith -- Rocks
Beastie Boys -- Licensed to Ill
Blur -- Parklife
Judas Priest -- British Steel
Kiss -- Alive!
Oasis -- Definitely Maybe
AC/DC -- Back in Black
Red Hot Chili Peppers -- Blood Sugar Sex Magik
Van Halen - Van Halen
Bee Gees -- Saturday Night Fever
Beastie Boys -- Paul's Boutique
House of Pain -- House of Pain
Jay-Z -- The Blueprint
Led Zeppelin -- Led Zeppelin III
The Rolling Stones -- Let it Bleed
Oasis -- (What's the Story) Morning Glory?
Beastie Boys -- Check Your Head
....oh yeah. I'm married. Here's my beautiful bride.

Smell ya later.

Posted by Ryanson - October 6th, 2010

So I'm sitting here, staring at my userpage. And I'm thinking, it needs something. A banner across the top.

Is anyone kind enough to want to make one for me?

Posted by Ryanson - September 28th, 2010

How many girl-power anthems are this fun, this catchy?

Dollhouse -- Priscilla Renea

Also. Embedding removed by request. Ugh.

Posted by Ryanson - September 24th, 2010

Okay, I did this a while ago. 2 days ago, 2 days after Ladybird Girl.

Another Pillows cover called "Hybrid Rainbow".

Spread the word!

Also, 3 things.

1. Could anyone make an icon for either this OR Ladybird Girl?

2. I thought it cool that songstowearpantsto.com thought so highly of Hybrid Rainbow. I think I'll simply post what he said.

* Hey I liked this one even more than the last. That steady chugging guitar rhythm, and the lo-fi-ness of the recording, makes me think of Beach Boys or very early Beatles.

* Lead guitar does some interesting stuff in the instrumental section.

* I don't really know the Pillows but this is a pretty cool recording.

3. Lol Ladybird Girl is the highest rated pop song in the audio portal. Awesome.

Posted by Ryanson - September 23rd, 2010

I'll take my Potter with a side of awesome, k thnx.

/* */