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Posted by Ryanson - July 26th, 2010

We all have friends (mostly). But when all else fails, and you need something to do... don't play those shitty video games! Instead, listen to these awesome (-ish) CDs. Make your friends envy your "taste"!

Oasis -- (What's the Story) Morning Glory?
Arrested Development -- 3 Years, 5 Months, & 2 Days in the Life Of...
Red Hot Chili Peppers -- Blood Sugar Sex Magic
Beastie Boys -- Check Your Head
Cypress Hill -- Cypress Hill
DJ Shadow -- Endtroducing...
The Rolling Stones --Exile on Main St.
Beck -- Odelay
Run-D.M.C. -- Raising Hell
OutKast -- Stankonia
Dr. Dre -- The Chronic
Fugees -- The Score
The Notoious B.I.G. -- Life After Death
Metallica -- Master of Puppets

Posted by Ryanson - July 23rd, 2010

A fan of slick, finely crafted indie tunes? Sugar-coated choruses? Bands that inspire the Killers enough to be asked to open up for them?

Here's a song for you.

/* */
For that 1% of you who pay attention to the Twilight soundtracks... doesn't this song belong on there somewhere?

Posted by Ryanson - July 22nd, 2010

I dusted off my XBOX games, and found some that I haven't played in a bit.

Dead or Alive.


That aside, I put in a game... and on came Aerosmith.

I forgot all about Steven Tyler and Joe Perry's music at this point, so hearing them is a huge shock... sorta. I know, I know -- I should kill myself. But after hearing and remembering them, I decide to see if the other DOA games have the music. And turns out, most of them do.

So... I decided to get the Aerosmith tracks in those games and download them. And I made a fantastic EP (too short to be an album or full playlist) tracklist. I'd download some of the other songs... but they aren't Aerosmith.

So if you haven't, download these, now!

"Nine Lives"
"Home Tonight"
"Dream On"
"Eat the Rich"

Posted by Ryanson - July 19th, 2010

Upon posting my article, "Justin Bieber.... 'sucks'?" someone on my Facebook thought he'd express his opinion.

I laughed. Really. You might too; his "offense" is in italics.

I happen to be intellectually superior to the masses in several aspects and have far more discerning taste than the average joe-blow that couldn't understand the difference between substance and shallow idiocy if it smacked him in the face.

Substance: the difference between a bumper sticker slogan and Plato. Substance: the difference between ... See MoreRadiohead and "Avril."

It doesn't make me unique, it makes me an intellectual with good taste. Big difference. There are so many horrifically flawed arguments in your post that seek to legitimize otherwise illegitimate "art-forms."

"People like me" think this kind of music is god-awful for good reason. It's shallow, contrived, recycled and serves only to take up space that an otherwise sincere and passionate artist rather than an entertainer could own and profit from. We don't follow it or go out of our way to despise it. Actually, the only time we find out about it is because of kids like you - no offense.

You're the kids that think this shit is worth talking about, you think GAGA is scandalous. I still remember Patti Smith, I still recall GG Allen, I remember Sid Vicious. Your latter-day chicken-shit pop stars are of no consequence beyond this facebook wall and never will be.

I know that sounds harsh but musician to musician you should understand passion.

I don't watch TV, listen to the radio, text or follow tweets. Call me old fashion but it keeps me from caring about the pointless and draining.

That got the blood boiling, the brain working. I began my rebuttal, which I posted that night. Is it too egotistical to say I won?

All sorts of people believe themselves to be "intellectuals" with superior taste, or who believe that because of what they like that they're better than any ordinary Joe. The belief alone doesn't make it so. In fact, this unwarranted self-importance is exactly the sort of thing I was against in the original article. I won't exclaim "how dare you?" ...but I will admit to being concerned over your insistence that you have "good taste" in comparison to others.

Why should your taste in music be considered "good"? Because you like older music? Because you refuse to listen to today's music? Is pop and rock today just not up to the standards set by middle-aged rock-n'-roll music?

Hey, get this... maybe it's personal preference, as opposed to "good taste." Maybe.

I say that because this talk of good taste and superior intellect is bullshit if ever I heard any. My apologies if this angers or offends you my good sir, but there are people exactly like you who refuse to conform to conformity. They are called "sheep" and they will usually do anything they can to avoid the popular, going as far as they can to refuse to conform even if most of the time it turns out they're still conforming -- towards non-conformity, which is still conformity.

Now, I've heard the argument you're making many times before -- it's all unoriginal, fake, shallow, contrived, recycled, blah blah blah . But I ask you, how is this music shallow? Contrived? In short, what makes today's music -- Justin's in particular -- lack "soul"?

Is it the fact that most people today don't write their own songs? That's not a valid argument -- classic artists like Elvis and Willie Nelson recorded and performed songs that they didn't write, and their performances had plenty of soul in them, or so critics would like to say.

Is it all the computers and production? The fact that you said his music was recycled makes sense, and I agree. It's been done before. But can a computer truly take away the "soul" in people's music? Perhaps it can -- maybe you have a substantial argument in this area. But I in turn ask another question: should "soul" influence what someone listens to?

Perhaps this is why you believe yourself the intellectual -- you believe today's music, with it's computer production and enhancement, has removed the soul you found in the music you grew up with. But then... what of Radiohead, whom you mentioned? When making "Kid A" they used computers (alongside other instruments) to help create their soundscapes -- and yet they're blessed with constant admiration from critics for the amount of effort they put into their recordings.

Shouldn't they be hated for the lack of substance in Thom's lyrics (literally pulled randomly out of a hat)?

Wouldn't their use of electronic elements in their music be comparable to any pop music being such (that's not really a serious question)?

What of... Thom's SOUL?

All that aside, while it could be said that soul may be hidden (read as: non-existent) in popular music, talent and passion still exist. Would Lady Gaga (who is not as much "scandalous" as she is... purposely weird) have been half as successful if she gave up during those 4 years when she was but a DJ? Do you think that Lenny Kravitz cared even once about the mediocre-to-negative comparisons with Jimi Hendrix, as long as he got to play his guitar? Justin Bieber has as much determination as any musician has -- the classic ones, the independent ones, the unknown ones. He just got lucky.

And your comment about "kids like [me]"? I am not offended, because I believe that there are no such kids... Of course, logically this makes me the same as everyone else who claims such (irony loves making me it's bitch anyway). Still, I prefer to listen to what I want to listen to, regardless of whether it's popular, independent, underground, or all of the above. It doesn't matter to me, and in reality it shouldn't matter to ANYONE as long as it's pleasing to one's ears. Why music has to be taken so seriously is beyond me.

So what if a million kids make one in particular (Justin) an idol? You said yourself that you try to ignore it (though I'm sure it's difficult, what with people like me and articles like this). If you're able to, though, others should be able to as well.

If only more people knew better. He has yet to respond.

Posted by Ryanson - July 19th, 2010

So, yesterday, Saturday July the 17th , I chose to try out for American Idol -- after everyone and their mother INSISTED I do so.

And I feel I must mention, I signed a release form. However, to my knowledge, I can divulge this because I won't be on TV -- and it won't ruin the show. No harm will be done; I'm sure it's been like this for all of its previous seasons. It was just new to me.

How different it is from the show! FOX lied to me, like they lied about everything else.

There was no Ryan. No Randy, no Kara, no Ellen. No cool auditions like that for 2 more weeks.

We had to be there at 5 in the morning (we were there earlier), just to be yelled at by some guy who wanted us to cheer repeatedly for like 3 hours on camera. It was fun.. for 5 minutes. The good news, is I might be on TV just for that. Dammit all.

After a while (some interesting characters appeared and disappeared), we were lead inside the Bridgestone Arena (where, besides American Idol, they were also advertising JUSTIN BIEBER.... TOM PETTY.... GEORGE STRAIT AND REBA... and others) to sit. After which, we spent ANOTHER hour or two cheering "NASHVILLE!" and "WELCOME TO NASHVILLE" and "IT'S MUSIC CITY" and "SEACREST OUT" and whatnot. (lol Ryan Seacrest). I'm sure he'll be digitally imposed onto us via greenscreen.

After that, they explained the rules. Turns out, these are the preliminaries to the PRELIMINARIES. Makes... sense? They promised to have us all judged by the end of the day, which was good. They had 12 tables with two judges each (the show producers and whatnot)... but they had us perform on the arena floor, where in any other arena the basketball and hockey teams played. Yeah, that made it slightly worse nerve-wise; at least we didn't have to perform with a mic.

But... the auditions were off. There were like 10,000 or so, so it went by fast... but slow, if that makes sense. If they got through, they'd get a golden ticket and go immediately to another room for their next audition, which would be more private. I sat there, nervous as shiiiiiit. I knew the songs (did I mention? We needed up to 3). I chose, besides my "signature," weren't going to show off my voice. And it was made worse by the fact that some AMAZING voices were being booted off.


Let me repeat myself.... Why???

There were two instances where the voices were so amazing that the crowd literally cheered and begged for the singer in question to get a ticket... and for one of THOSE (a note-for-note "I Will Always Love You"), the judge had to talk with the singer in question. Another judge put her line on hold to talk with that judge, and she was let in. (Strangely, someone with a HORRIBLE voice made it through... but I guess that's how the bad singers get on TV, huh?)

I made some good friends/acquaintances (only one that I put on facebook. But if NONE of them made it through, I'mma be pissed!). They were extremely good singers, and oozed confidence. One of them told me she was fired from her job because she was here (there). I... didn't feel so great. I knew my voice was good (hey there, ego! How ya doing?), but my voice... wasn't a lung-buster voice. I couldn't SSSSCCRREEAAAMM like some people, though I'm glad because that's all some people were doing. It reminded me of the "Band Geeks" episode in Spongebob, where Squidward advises "Maybe the louder we play, the better they'll think we are!" Seems some people took this to heart.

About 2 or 3 in the afternoon, it was finally my turn. We got in line (where 4 people would sing as a group, one at a time, before the judges decided). By this time, I had decided to change my 2nd and 3rd song, but would keep my first song the same. It was my turn. I whipped out "Sweet Child O'Mine" for this first performance, and started snapping my fingers. My voice chose (on it's own!) to almost "countrify" it, and I'm sure I looked horribly awkward. Ah well. There we stood, as our two judges whispered behind their notepads and boards. Then, in a few simple words, it was over.

"You guys have great voices, but it's just not what we're looking for for Season 10. Keep it up, and maybe you can try again next year."

Unusually kind, and I didn't care at that moment -- it was finally over. But I began to think to myself... all the great voices that I'd heard. They weren't what they were looking for? I thought it was a singing competition? Were they looking for more Justin Biebers? That would explain why they lowered the age to 15 as opposed to 16. But nonetheless... gah!

What made this entire experience worse (and what made me relieved to leave)... my pants ripped right below the zipper about when I got there. I felt uncomfy the whole day, even though it was easy to hide.

The best part was going home and sleeping for 16 hours. I thanked my mom for standing the day with me ("Now you can't say I don't love you," is what she told me -- and everyone she told the story to). I got home at maybe 5, ate a McDonald's salad and talked a bit, then slept until 11 the next morning (12 hours ago).

That's my story!

Posted by Ryanson - July 16th, 2010

Pop music these days is a wondrous thing.

If it's not stupid and bouncy, it usually won't be popular.
But if it means those criteria, it automatically sucks.

Ah, people with "opinions." They make me laugh.

"Recycled, bland, soul-less," blah, blah, blah. While it's not necessarily true... if any song will make that opinion "fact" in the minds of nonbelievers, it's this amazing mash up. I swear, the songs are so similar... it makes me cry.

/* */
Comments? Thoughts?

Posted by Ryanson - July 12th, 2010

So, WaterShake and I had a little discussion. Short, sweet. "I think you're cool," "Ok, suck my dick," "But I'm already preggo," "It's ok, you can be on top!" and all that kind of stuff. But when we discussed music -- Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber mainly -- what he said struck me. What he said is in italics.

A lot of people seem to take pleasure in hating on mainstream. They do it because it makes them seem (and feel) intellectually superior to the masses. It makes them feel unique to an extent. It's very, very silly. Because if anything, it makes them even more "of a sheep". They follow mainstream culture and attack it at every corner, regardless of it's actual content. They hate it for the sheer reason it's popular, which is the ultimate stupidity.

Now, while this is true, it still strikes me as odd. Why do people hate Justin Bieber?

He's not untalented -- he can sing somewhat decently, dance decently, and he's attracted such big music men like Usher and Ludacris to his side (take that as you will). So it can't be that... Or can it? The most common criticism is that he sings like a girl, and common nicknames for him include the ever-so original "Justina Beaver" (I personally found "Miley Cyrus" to be a better nickname for him). But does singing like a girl (???) mean he's bad? Do accusations of homosexuality (unfounded and untrue accusations, at that) really make people think he's untalented at what he does?

A lot of people seem to think so.

Popularity shouldn't come into consideration when drawing your opinion on something. Some popular artists, are indeed immensely talented, and a lot of these "underground" acts, have no real substance. There are a lot of unknown acts that deserve merit, but not for the fact that they are unknown.

This is exactly what I think, only worded in a way I could not have. What makes metal, independent, underground music better than mainstream music in general? What makes mainstream music necessarily bad?Sure, there are always the one-hit wonders and fad cash-ins. But there are also some really talented people out there -- Eminem. Beyonce. Kanye West. Coldplay. Lady Gaga (gasp!). The White Stripes. Lil Wayne (Ok, he ruined himself with Rebirth. But Tha Carter III was fantastic). Taylor Swift (lol). People who are just as hated as they are loved, but all of whom have made extremely likable albums -- in my opinion, of course.

Tell me, what's the fault of any of these artists? Are they untalented? What makes them so?

How can people be so shallow as to hate the music -- and the artists -- without justified reasons? Sure, fans of said music usually defend it in an equally unintelligent way -- "It just rocks!" "Because it's awesome." -- but the haters always consider themselves above such fans, better than others. Why do they feel such unwarranted self-importance? Makes you look like a twat to the rest of us (side note: Irony is such a prick).

I think the only reason Justin Bieber is hated so much on this site is because he is the epitome of the type of person that makes the NG demographic feel inferior. He is attractive, popular, cute and charming. Jealousy makes bastards of men.

Big words, but with a hint of truth. Is the hate really because Justin Bieber's famous? Any man with a hint of self-respect will deny this, but denial doesn't make it true. I'd love to be famous like him, to have girls (though not the age of his fans) fall and cry at the mere mention of my name.

If we judge by what I just said, I don't respect myself. Or maybe I'm too manly to deny such faults, especially over the internet where no one can hurt me. Think on that (or don't).

Or maybe it's the fanbase? That's a good enough reason to hate someone, right? I know I've heard many complaints of hatred for the 10-and-under crowd who obsess over Bieber, and really any other fad that Disney force-feeds them (Irony: Bieber is not affiliated with Disney).

I, myself, am guilty of such hate -- I hate the fanbase of Twilight, and I hate obsessive Juggalos (the fans of Insane Clown Posse, all of which are obsessive). That doesn't mean I hate the series or the group; they've done me no harm. I am completely neutral towards Twilight; ICP, I dislike their music.

"Okay... what about him as a person? What if I dislike him as a person?"

Do you know him? Do you know what he's like? He seems like a nice kid -- maybe a tad big-headed from such an early success (damn you, Youtube!!), but nonetheless it's a squeaky clean image from a Canadian mop top. Okay, maybe you can dislike the image. But the image isn't always a good representation of a person.

I am not berating anyone for disliking Justin Bieber. If you don't like his music, you don't like it --that's fair enough, no need to explain. I am berating people who (seem to) hate him as a person, and for such stupid reasons. If you hate him so, why do you give him so much attention? Does that not conflict with your opinion?

Come on, guys. Let's be grown ups. You don't wanna look like a BABY, BABY, BABY, OOOH!

Justin Bieber... "sucks"?

Posted by Ryanson - June 28th, 2010

As of now, I'm purposely making only one CD for myself per season, per year. My personalized playlists if you will, made to discover and enjoy music. Here are the tracks, with my personal thoughts afterwords. I rather enjoyed it.

1) Magic -- B.o.B feat. Rivers Cuomo
B.o.B's personal theme song, made better by the Weezer mainman's appearance. The best way to start is off.
2) Billionaire -- Travie McCoy feat. Bruno Mars
The shockingly fantastic first single from this Gym Class Hero.
3) Blow Me Away-- Breaking Benjamin
Halo 2 + Breaking Benjamin = brutal music.
4) Broil Meats Grill -- Friday Night Bingo
Think Reel Big Fish, as done by musically talented high schoolers.
5) California Gurls -- Katy Perry feat. Snoop Dogg
Katy Perry dance-anthem response to Jay-Z's "Empire State of Mind." Snoop Dogg steals the show, of course.
6) Pop -- *NSYNC
A perfect defense of pop music in general. Liking this doesn't make me gay does it? Don't answer that please.
7) Ice Cream Man-- Gifted But Twisted
"I am the ice cream man, running over kids in my mini-van." Punk music should always be so blunt.
8) Cool My Heels -- Nikki Yanofsky
Slowing it down with some Canadian jazz-pop. It's nice and pretty.
9) Smack My Bitch Up -- Prodigy
The best song off of Charlie's Angels, ever.
10) Build God, Then We'll Talk -- Panic! at the Disco
Emo bands wish they could mix carabet and rock like this. Then again, emo bands wish they WERE like this.
11) Down the Rabbit Hole -- Adam Lambert
Idol runner-up makes Alice in Wonderland 10 times more memorable.
12) Hurtful -- Erik Hassle
Swedish gingers make the best music, if sometimes the lamest lyrics.
13) Party Hard -- Andrew W.K.
Stupidest rock song ever. But damn if it doesn't start a party at your place.
14) Won't Go Home Without You -- Maroon 5
Not their sexiest song (yes, they have a sexy song), but it's their poppiest.
15) Like a Prayer -- Madonna
Does liking this song make me gay? Maybe. Madonna's first serious song off of her first serious album, one of the last -- and best -- of the '80s.
16) Pen and Paper-- The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
The band's catchiest effort off their lackluster follow-up album. A defense for them and their fans, the song other bands wish they could make.
17) If We Ever Meet Again -- Timbaland feat. Katy Perry
The catchiest song on this whole playlist, who wouldn't wanna sing along to Timbaland and Katy's surprisingly shy performances?
18) Sign -- FLOW
Ninjas aren't emo. If they were, though, this might be their anthem.
19) Timebomb -- Stephen Jerzak
Dumb and catchy acoustic-esque dance song. What summer songs should be, maybe.
20) Little Razorblade -- The Pink Spiders
Spiderman needs to step it up for the reboot; the Pink Spiders give spiders a great name, and even better music.
21) Let's Go -- Trick Daddy, Twista, and Lil Jon
Rappers know how to sample an Ozzy song, even rappers as dumb as Lil Jon. A nice way to end the CD, if not a surprising one.

Posted by Ryanson - June 11th, 2010

Think of this as a mini-continuation to my "Power Songs" playlist. What better way to keep the powerful, inspirational songs going than with a playlist designed to accompany you by the weights? BRING THE POWER. Warning: this music may help you, but don't overdo it.

Survivor --Eye of the Tiger
The Rolling Stones -- Start Me Up
Anthrax & Public Enemy -- Bring the Noise
Soundgarden -- Rusty Cage
Disturbed -- Inside the Fire
Billy Idol -- Rebel Fire
Ice Cube -- Do Ya Thang
Rise Against --Give It All
Busta Rhymes feat. Linkin Park -- We Made It
Judas Priest -- You've Got Another Thing Comin'
LL Cool J -- Mama Said Knock U Out

11 songs isn't much, but added with the 26 songs from the Power Songs playlist... you'll be worn out, I promise.

Posted by Ryanson - June 11th, 2010

I had an idea. This was written by a friend, but I thought of expanding it. It's a good concept for a game, me thinks...

Earth in 2015, nearly everyone has a MP3, a CD player, or some sort of portable music system. The reason why? Music has become immensly integrated into people's everyday lifes. Many people like different music, it's natural fact. What was somewhat unpredictable was the creation of a style of martial arts known as "AMP". The martial art bases it's entire fighting style on what music the person mainly listens to. For example, Rock listeners fight using heavy style attacks and Techno listeners use continuous and fast attacks, all while listening to their music preference.

That being said, hundreds of styles of "AMP" were branched off the main style which was more of a general style rather than a specific type of music genre. A year after "AMP" was created, the idea for a tournament for different style "AMP" users came up. And so now in 2015, thousands of participants prepare for the upcoming "AMP Master" tournament to prove their style of "AMP" is the best and to also win the Golden AMP Trophy (Which is basically a solid gold amp). With the tournament coming up in just 2 weeks, all styles prepare themselves for the tournament of a lifetime, which for no reason is taking place in Tokyo.