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Quick write-off: While not the most exhilarating of gameplay, what "no-one has to die." lacks in fun or playability it more than makes up for in story. Story? Pah! But oh, like Steins;Gate and other similar time-travel based works, the choice is yours... but then, there's a twist, and you have to play to make sense of it all. Not the greatest of endings, but with a fascinating intriguing story like this I'm more than happy to have wasted my last half-hour or so. I pray someone takes this premise -- this plotline -- and does more with it in the near future.

Quick write-off: Very challenging game, and probably the best (and most violent) one to teach perseverance. The soundtrack, though repetitive, gets the blood pumping and the taunting robot reminds one of GladoS from Portal. The challenge is upped every time you complete a level, adding lasers and invisible blocks and saw blades and spikes and you WILL die and you WILL get frustrated. But when you finally beat it, you'll feel so damn accomplished that it'll be worth it.

Quick write-off: Fun, inventive, creative, simple, though a tad repetitive (and yet, far too short). The adventures of a hero to save his pet rock are straight out of a kid's story, and I wouldn't mind seeing a book based off this. It went beyond my expectations, and hopefully will remain a high-point for adventure games on Newgrounds for years to come.

Quick note: I found a way to exploit the Giraffe's tongue-copter thing by tapping "W" instead of presing and holding it down.

Very pretty music, very poetic. More art than game, better to experience than to have fun. Not that that's a bad thing.

Clever, short, and smooth

The concept, while not original, draws you in to this game... and the gameplay keeps you there. The controls were thankfully simplistic and smooth -- use the ray gun to help you jump higher! And the way it all ends is incredibly clever. Not to reveal anything, but needless to say it's hilarious. This, mixed with the simple art and music, make this short quick game a must play for anyone with 5 minutes to spare. And hey, maybe we'll see a prequel one day too.

Not a bad game per se...

This game has such promise, as all games with such unique concepts do. And what a concept this one has -- draw the weapons for a random high schooler's doodle to wield in his quest to... finish the game? Some levels you can even design the enemies you fight. Sounds like an artist's video game dream.

While the concept is slightly off putting, since one might not necessarily be skilled at drawing via a mouse, the game itself is rather lackluster. Everything just feels so... unimaginative. Since this is a game based on fighting doodles, one would thing the ideas would be more fleshed out or varied. And the controls, simple as they are, are just plain clunky. That, or the bad guys' AI is. I'm not sure as to which.

The artwork that is there is of course well put together, and you wouldn't think the background music would be memorable but it gets in your head. Still, when everything is put together it doesn't make for anything exciting. It's worth a play or two, though, because It's not a terrible game. It's not even a bad game. It's just an extreme disappointment.

Not original, not perfect... but hilarious and fun

Quick write-off:

I'll say it right off the bat -- I don't mind Justin Bieber, and enjoy his music. But let's be frank here, Newgrounds *needs* another celebrity Assassin game, and there's no bigger celebrity to kill than the Bieb. The graphics emulate (although it may not be purposefully) the Assassin games of old, and while it's far too simplistic in sound and control it's hilarious all the same. No doubt many people will enjoy playing this day in and day out. And not because it's a good game. ;)

Preview: does what it needs to

I don't feel right writing a review or even a write-off for a preview, so I'll keep it short and sweet.

As a preview it does what it needs to, which is make the player interested and want to see/play the full release. It's just as bright and Mario-inspired as ever, and there's nothing wrong with that is there?

Great potential, but lacks the charm

I may have said in another review, but for me a game's atmosphere can give me contradictory feelings. They can be an amazing experience in and of itself. They can leave me wanting to play the game... and be completely disappointed after a playthrough. And wouldn't you know it, Wrath of Evil is such a game.

I really wanted to like this game. The intro had me all built up with its intriguingly dark artwork and the main menu had enough of a Elder Scrolls flair in its soundtrack's subtlety. I *wanted* this to be a great game. You control four archers who defend the gates of hell from anyone who wants to open it, and like other games of its kind you can upgrade in between each waves.

But the gameplay isn't as immersive as expected. The first levels basically pave way for the entirety of the game -- you control all four archers at once and can upgrade them a little bit, maybe. Sure, there is some material can complicate it later in the game -- I won't lie that the final levels are frustratingly hard, almost to the point where many could rage-quit. But if you've played any Epic War game, one could argue that this is merely a watered-down attempt to take that series and flip it on its heel.

Which a little disappointing to say the least! Wrath of Evil seemed like it'd be a great game! But aside from issues in balance and a severe difficulty curve (warning: note for those who quit easily), it just feels like there was something missing overall. A certain natural hellish charm. Everything appears calculated, like it's trying too hard.

Maybe, as usual, it's just me. Others seem to really dig this game, and I can see why. Certainly I'd recommend it to others. *Casually.* In passing. Like, "Meh, if you like these games, try this." I wouldn't play this again if the gates of Hell demanded it, though. Hell's not enough for me.

A ninja game like none other.

Ninjas, like pirates, are always cool and trendy. So is adorableness. So naturally, the idea to combine them is always tempting. Granted, it's been done before. A thousand times or so. So have battles against robots. But then, for every overdone idea, there is always a pinnacle, a shining moment, a grand achievement. Ninja Hamsters vs Robots comes close to greatness, only coming an inch short.

But though that inch is still an inch, it won't matter to many people. This game based on a ninja cat (okay, he's a hamster, but he doesn't look it!) is great fun. There's a certain quirkiness in the art, a style in the music, a self-acknowledging humor in the plot, that makes it hypnotizing to all who play it.

It's an action game that doesn't feel like an action game. You control the action by clicking on the enemies. Your ninja hamster (CAT) will slice and dice the robots and missiles, and inbetween rounds you can upgrade your skills, so that you can be stronger or can make combos. It's not a pure hack-and-slash game, or even close. I don't know what it is, but quite honestly it's a refreshing change of pace.

The biggest problem, the only *real* downside to be had was the difficulty curve -- maybe it's just me, but it seems like it's far more difficult than it should be, too early. That's REALLY annoying for first timers. And though it may not be a problem to some, there's always the possibility that the art style is too weird for an outsider to appreciate. The first impression is what hooks them in. Would they be?

Ninjas are forever. Nothing more can be said about it. And while there are games that don't even come close to doing justice to the name, there are also games that do. This one, as weird and difficult as it is, is one of them. Go ahead -- try it. You'll be wishing you had a ninja hamster, too. Just... don't try anything weird.

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